Spiritual Transformation Challenge Awaken Your Power to Heal

Join us for this thought provoking and enriching time to awaken your spiritual path and reveal the answers to your life through healing and spiritual transformation.
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Tuesday, March 23
Set-up your Spiritual System
The Present is Your Only Point of Power. 

Wednesday, March 24
Healing:  Feel it to Heal it! 

Thursday, March 25 
Stillness & Self-Love – Listening, Loving and Learning
Loving yourself right where you are.

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About MaSanda LaRa Gadd   

Spiritual Life Coach 
My clients say I have a calming presence and I create an environment of safety where they can fully express themselves. 
But I didn’t start out this way. 
When I was in my thirties, I yearned for something more. I was a busy professional with a hectic family life and yet I felt like there was a hole in my life. I was missing a spiritual part. I wanted to feel whole and complete. 
I finally sought guidance. And a fresh perspective. 
I went on a weekend Spiritual Retreat with a Spiritual Life Coach. One of the first things she had me do, was go for a nature walk overlooking the water experiencing peace and quiet and solitude. I was a “all doing” no “being” person. It opened my heart and soul to answers I had been seeking for years. I began to relax, I learned how to meditate, take deep breaths, heal my life by feeling my feelings and begin to look at my life from a whole new perspective. 
I got clear on who I am, what I value and how to move forward on my spiritual path. I found my PURPOSE and MEANING in my life. 
It opened up a whole new world. 
Now I help people get ABSOLUTELY CLEAR about their SPIRITUAL PATH and learn how to connect to their INNER WISDOM. And HEAL ANYTHING IN THEIR LIFE. 
Discover how to be at peace despite the chaos that is happening in the world and how to lead with LOVE. 
HEAL UNCERTAINTY knowing everything is going to be alright. HEAL THE EMPTINESS that drives their lives and learn to BE HAPPY. 
I LOVE my work. 
The best part is that my clients REDISCOVER their PASSION. They create their GUIDING PRINCIPLES for their lives that direct their SPIRITUAL PATH. They go into their lives FEELING CONNECTED and knowing they’re making an impact. 
I believe you can HEAL ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE AND EXPERIENCE TRANSFORMATION. I believe you have a POWERFUL HEALING STORY – it just needs to be REVEALED, HEALED and shared.  
You can begin by being willing to have an OPEN MIND, OPEN HEART and be willing to STEP INTO THE UNKNOWN. To discover a life that’s WORTH living. You deserve it and so much more. 
You’ll gain RENEWED CONFIDENCE for finding a life you LOVE and achieving the RESULTS you want. I promise it will be a worthwhile conversation. 
Masanda LaRa Gadd Spiritual Coach

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