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Spiritual Retreats

A Spiritual Retreat is a time to create a space for reflection, contemplation, and listening to the inner wisdom of your soul.  

It would be nice to have an opportunity to go on a spiritual retreat at least once a year.  It’s a challenge to make time for a day let alone a week. 

So, I have created a spiritual retreat that is accessible to you when you can schedule it to work for you in this online experience. 

A Retreat is giving yourself permission to step out of your everyday life and move into your inner self so that you contemplate your life and its purpose. 

Questions in the retreat include: 

  • What am I not taking the time to listen to my soul’s wisdom for my life?
  • How do I need to transform my life to be happy and satisfied with my life?
  • What is my soul calling me to do in my life right now? 
  • Am I willing to listen and follow my soul’s guidance for my life?

How do you get answers to these questions unless you give yourself permission to retreat and find out?

What if the retreat is really advancing your life to the next level?  Your mind cannot answer these questions.

If ever there was time to stop and sink deeply into your soul for your life’s answers, it’s now. 

Spiritual Retreats are essential to your wellbeing and happiness.  I’ve adapted the classic retreat with an online experience so you may experience this retreat on your own timeline. You can attend it again and again as needed.

Join me on a guided spiritual retreat today.
We will walk through your 5 day journey with recorded videos as well as other materials.
How it works: 

A brief description of the purpose and focus of each day is provided below. 

For five consecutive days, you will be given spiritual instructions written and by video to guide you for that day. Proceed on your own schedule. You may attend again and again as often as needed.   

The guidance you will receive will include prayers, meditative practice and healing principles to focus on. 

Please have a journal to record your thoughts and visions. 

I hope you will join me for this Spiritual Retreat.  


 Online 5 Day Spiritual Retreat
Onetime Payment


Let your Spiritual Journey begin

Preparing for the retreat

Day 1 Preparing for the Retreat


We begin by preparing your sacred space while being “on retreat” while still being in your busy life.

Spiritual Immersion

Day 2
Spiritual Immersion

Spiritual Immersion

Allowing yourself to totally immerse yourself in the wants and needs of your soul’s purpose for your life.

A Day of Healing

Day 3
A Day of Healing

A Day of Healing

This day you are being called to observe the distractions that you allow to control your life. 

A Day of Reflection

Day 4
A Day of Reflection

A Day of Reflection

Your fourth day is devoted entirely to holy listening, to turning your attention inward.

Nurturing Your Spiritual Life

Day 5 Nurturing Your Spiritual Life

Nurturing Spiritual Life

A day devoted to ways in which you  maintain your spiritual life within your everyday world.