How my Journey with the Essene Angels began

When I started my spiritual journey several years ago I was in a spiritual healing workshop at a New Thought church.  He talked about the Essenes.  He explained they are a healing community who practice angel communions based on the teaching of the Dead Sea Scrolls

There are three parts – earthly angels, peace angels and heavenly angels.

Essene tree of lifeThe Essenes illustrated their relationship with the spiritual and nature with the symbol called the Tree of Life. Each root and branch of the Tree represents a different aspect or virtue.

Earthly Mother – Morning communions – The roots represent the Earthly Mother, and Her Angels of Sun, Water, Air, Earth, Life, and Joy. The seven communions of the Earthly Mother refer to our relationship with the physical domain.

The Sevenfold Peace Path includes Peace with the Heavenly Father, Peace with Ancient Culture & Wisdom, Peace with Humanity, Peace with Family, Peace with the Mind, Peace with the Body and Peace with the Earthly Mother.  It represents a path of peace to wholeness.

Heavenly Father – The seven branches represent the cosmic powers – the Heavenly Father, and His Angels of Power, Love, Wisdom, Eternal Life, Creative Work, and Peace. These are the Essene Angels of the visible and invisible worlds.  The seven communions of the Heavenly Father are dedicated to the spiritual domain and contribute to humankind’s higher evolution.

Come explore these angels and see what aspect of your life needs healing and how the angels can assist you.

To read more about the Essenes I recommend reading the “The Gospel of the Essenes” by Edmond Bordeau Szekely and “The Way of the Essenes” by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan.


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Seven Communions of the Earthly Mother

Sevenfold Peace Angels

Seven Communions of the Heavenly Father

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