Sunday Noon time - Peace with the Earthly Mother

Peace with Earthly Mother

"Bring to our minds the Earthly Mother so that we may experience the full blessings of this earthly domain."

The Earthly Mother nurtures how we live in harmony with the Earth and the physical domain.  It’s an understanding that our health and wealth is dependent on how we interact with the physical planet.  As we develop a loving relationship with the Earth, the planet nurtures our own spiritual beings.


Angel Date

Meditate on the Earthly Mother and how all things are in order in nature.

Meditate with a flower.

Bless the Earthly Mother for all that she has given us to thrive – food, water, shelter.


Take a contemplation walk  and ask a question about a life concern.   Listen for the answers.  Journal about it upon your return home. 

Ask the Earthly Mother for nurturing and love to fill your soul.

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