Thursday morning - Angel of Water

Angel of Water

“Angel of Water, enter my blood and give the Water of Life to my whole body."

The circulation of water in nature corresponds with to the circulation of blood in the body.  Good flowing water is essential and has healing and purifying qualities.  Use this energy to nurture of the flow of energy in your life. 


Angel Date

Hold a container of water as you meditate.

Meditate on the qualities of water:  cleansing, healing, flowing, transforming etc.

Meditate on the quality your most need.

List 10 ways you resist flowing.   List 10 ways you allow yourself to flow. 



Go to a river, lake, creek or falls and meditate on it.  Walk in it or wash your face and hands. 

Meditate in the bathtub, or hot tub.  Use candles, bubble bath, aroma scents.

Invite the Angel of Water to swim in a pool or lake with you, enjoying the healing and cleansing. 

Let your body and feelings flow in dance, running and swimming.


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