Wednesday morning - Angel of Sun

Angel of Sun

“Angel of Sun, enter my Solar Center and give the fire of life to my whole body.”

When you meditate with the Sun, it’s a purifying force in the universe, an ever-present source of energy without which there would be no life. Meditate on the effect of solar rays the point where the solar plexus is located, bathing the body and the nervous system in the radiance of the Sun.


Angel Date

Meditate on the qualities of the Sun that you would like in your life for example: being centered, brilliance, radiance, warmth, growth, etc.

Meditate on seeing each cell in your body as radiant.

Intently notice the light and shadow of your world.

Notice what is at the center of your life.

Sit or lie in the Sun.

Sit by a fire, allow its energy to purify yours.

Light a candle and allow the flame to warm your hands.

Really watch and absorb a sunrise or sunset.

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