Monday morning - Angel of Life

Angel of Life

“Angel of Life, enter my limbs and give strength to my whole body."

This Angel is dedicated to the life, vitality and of the human body and that of the whole planet.  This Angel signifies the unity between humankind the environment.  It teaches us the role of vitality in well-being, enabling to to direct the life force to any part of our bodies with intensity required. 

Learn from the importance of life enforce energy in nature.


Angel Date

Find a tree that speaks to you; sit beneath it.

Meditate on three lessons from your life. 

Meditate while touching a living bush, tree or plant.  Exchange love with this being.  

Before meditation, study your face in a mirror.  What do your really see?

Hug a tree or at least touch it.

Do nothing.  Simply sit beneath a tree.

Collect leaves and put them on your altar.

Really look at a tree, draw it, photograph it, listen to it.

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