Tuesday morning - Angel of Joy

Angel of Joy

“Angel of Joy, descend upon earth and give beauty to all beings."

This Angel supports the path of discovery of our own unique beauty and contribution.  Absorb joy from the beauty of nature — sunrises, sunsets, mountains, flowers, colors, aromas, and even ourselves.

You can attain inner harmony and serenity with this powerful discipline.  



Angel Date

Allow yourself to meditate in the beauty of nature at least once a week. 

Listen to music that makes you feel joyful.

Meditate on five expressions of love that will bring you joy.  

Play like a child:  skip, swing on a swing, blow bubbles.  


Seek out a special place in nature to enjoy beauty with the Angel of Joy.

Hold a child or loved one just for joy.

Do a dance of joy.

Photograph or create a picture of joy – children laughing, a wedding, birds in flight, etc.


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