Sunday Evening - Angel of Creative Work

While I'm Still Alive

"Angel of Creative Work, descend upon humanity and give abundance to all."

This Angel is dedicated to all the great things created by human endeavor. 
The purpose of this Angel is to teach the importance of creative work in the evolution of one’s human potential.  Everyone carries creative work of some kind, whether it’s full self expression of one’s self, the community, or humankind.

Creative work is the most abundant expression of love.  All work is a blessing and doing that work with love for humankind.


Angel Date

Meditate on creative work that has meaning to you.  Something you dream about and want to pursue.

Meditate on work that brings you joy.

Bless the “ordinary” work that you do.

List the talents you do not express.  Find ways to express them.



Interview someone who is doing the creative work you want to do and find out what inspires them.

Volunteer to work with children.  See how creative work inspires them.

Spend time with the creative work of healing.  Be in nature as a healing exercise.

Spend time with a creative work that you never or rarely let yourself do; art, crafts, write a poem, learn a dance, play an instrument.

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