Friday morning - Angel of Air

Angel of Air

"Angel of Air, enter my lungs and give the air of Life to my whole body."

This Angel is to make us aware of the dynamic unity between air and life.  Where there is life there is breath.  The air within the body has a important role in health and vitality.
This Angel has deep cleansing breath as part of its practice enabling you to absorb energy and create a connection between you and the Universe.   This Angel is a messenger between you and the energies in the Universe.


Angel Date

Meditate on the qualities of air:  buoyancy, movement, energy, sounds or words.

Sing or chant your meditation.

Meditate and list five specific ways that air inspires your life.  (List specific exercises, music, sounds, scents, etc.)



Do 10 minutes of deep breathing outside.  Let the air purify your mind and body.

Watch the clouds at sunset.

Do something to feel the wind in your face – run, ski, sail, roller blade, etc.

Play or listen to music.


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