Monday Noon time - Peace with Ancient Wisdom & Culture

Peace with Culture

"Bring to mind the Angel of Wisdom to learn from the Wisdom of the Ancients."

In peace with ancient wisdom and culture we learn from the masterpieces of wisdom from all ages.

There are three pathways to discovering the truth:   intuition – learning from the mystics and prophets;  through nature and through the pathway of culture – it opens the door to our spiritual ancestors, and their spiritual truths.  
We must learn from cultures, commune with the Ancients, and pass down to the next generation to contribute the evolution of humankind.



Angel Date

Meditate at sacred sites to experience the energy of the ancient ones.

Do a past life regression with learn the lessons of past lifetimes.

Meditate with a crystal and listen to its wisdom.


Visit Sacred sites to learn from the energy and wisdom of their ancient teachings. 

Visit museums to explore different cultures and traditions.

Invite someone from another culture to dinner to learn about their culture.  Look for commonality in both cultures.

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