Creating a World that Works for Everyone

Collaboration Connection Caring

Hi, I’m MaSanda LaRa Gadd.
I am a bridge to educate and inform people about the greatness of all people.

I am a White Ally.  I seek to understand my white privilege, and do the work to learn
about other races and cultures.  I speak up and not over people.
  I make mistakes and I apologize and learn in public.

I stand with the LGBTQ+ community in their full self-expression. 

I facilitate an Intercultural Meditation Healing Circle so we may come together
in our humanness and create guiding principles of collaboration, connection
and caring to unite us not divide us.  And use a power greater then ourselves to create unity and peace through meditation and reflection.

The purpose of this circle is a place where you can belong, you are heard and understood, a collective who listens and cares about your life and your needs and is focused on Creating a World that Works for Everyone.

You can also subscribe and follow me, and contact me if you have questions.  I’d love to hear from you. 
You can write to me here: 
masanda [@] heartvisions.com.

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