White Caucus Forming this Summer

Do you get nervous talking to or about people of other races then your own? Do you struggle with feelings of guilt of discomfort around race?

Intention of the Cohort: To create and hold space for white people to unlearn their racist attitudes and stereotypes, heal from internalized dominance, find the courage to speak up, and develop greater capacity to create racial justice in the world. The outcome would be to build awareness with white people about their unconscious white privilege, develop as white allies and report back to the people of color so we can learn together and build stronger relationships.

This White Caucus Cohort is a chance for people to get together on an ongoing basis, in a casual setting yet productive setting, to discuss race in the US. Over the course of five weeks participants will explore the following concepts:

A White Privilege Assessment
What does it Mean to be White?
Systemic racism
Implicit Bias
White fragility
Internalized superiority and oppression
Interrupting racism
The white savior complex
Accountability to people of color
In addition to discussing race and racism in the US, white participants will be encouraged to move past immobility and into action for racial justice that are accountable to people of color.

Two Bi-Weekly Cohort options are available:

Bi-Weekly Cohort:
Meets every other week for 9 weeks Thursdays – 4 sessions
6:30-8:30 pm July 13, 27, August 10, 24
Location: TBD

Meets every other week for 9 weeks Sundays – 4 sessions
1:00-3:00 pm July 16, 30, August 13, 27
Location: TBD

MaSanda LaRa Gadd is a trained Intercultural Coach and Social Justice Facilitator. She has a passion to support people to talk about race. She is a member of the Eastside Race and Leadership Coalition and the Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR) and a graduate of the Intercultural Communication Institute Fellowship program in Portland, Oregon. And a graduate of Leadership Eastside Class of 2015. She has extensive experience facilitating groups. A white woman born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, MaSanda is committed to doing her own healing around her white privilege and discovering the impact of that white privilege on people of color.

Terms of Registration: Once a participant has begun with a cohort they cannot switch to another one. Participants commit to attending two out of the four sessions. All cohorts require at least 5 members. If a cohort does not meet the minimum sign up requirements 7 days prior to its start date, the cohort will be cancelled. In this event, participants will be given the option the option of signing up for a different cohort or receiving a full refund. Cancellations on the part of the participant must occur at least 14 days prior to the cohort’s start date in order to receive a full refund; a 50% refund will be available to members who cancel 8-13 days before the cohort’s start date. No refunds are available for cancellations made 7 days or fewer before the cohort’s start date. Scholarships are available for whom the full cost of attending is a barrier. Email masandagadd@gmail.com to inquire.