Declutter2018 – 30 day challenge – Bathroom

Decluttering 2018 – 30 day challenge: Lotions and Potions – Underneath the bathroom sink/medicine cabinet. Check for old prescriptions, half used lotions, ointments, old make-up and other remedies you have used in the past that are outdated and ready to be tossed. Ready go!


Declutter2018 – 30 day challenge – FOCUS!

Declutter2018 – 30 day challenge: Today’s challenge is FOCUS! When I’m busy organizing and I get distracted by other things to organize I lose track of what I was organizing in the first place. How are you doing staying focused on the task at hand?


Declutter2018-30 day challenge – dishes

How many plates, bowls, glasses and serving bowls does one person need? It depends on how much you entertain. I don’t entertain very often so when I went through my inventory of dishes and serving bowls I had an abundant supply of stuff I didn’t need. Mismatched and gathering dust.
Here’s the key – What do I find myself using all the time? What do I use when I entertain? For example: Even if I don’t entertain all the time I know I will need a good sized platter for turkey or appetizers when I do choose to entertain.
And do I need all of those sets of wine glasses, martini glasses etc. or would a few glasses do when company does come over? I kept a set of wine glasses and two martini glasses.
My purpose is to downsize and free up space in my mind and environment to lift the load of too much stuff.
Challenge today: Sort out all of the mismatched dishes and serving bowls and get down to what you really use. And donate the rest!
P.S. There are women shelters who would love your extra dishes to set up their homes. Donate today! Ready go!


Downsizing my Life – Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

I had the pleasure of accompanying my mom to her 60th High School reunion over the weekend.  What a delightful group of people!  As I listened to their stories having graduated in 1957 it was a much simpler time.  Most of them were farm kids and had to get home after school to get their chores done.  One gentleman had one pair of shoes he’d wash and put on the oil furnace register to dry by the morning.  A movie was 15 cents.  Spending hours playing in the barn was a highlight for these youngsters.  Their life was SIMPLE and FUN!
My 40th High School reunion is this weekend and what I really learned from Mom’s class is that simple can be better than to hurry up and go world we live in today.   When I was a kid we played hide and go seek, red light, green light and played in the woods for hours.  We rode our bikes everywhere – like 7-11 to get bags of candy!
And I begin to simplify my life now I wonder how I can get back to a simpler time?  Is it possible?  Mom’s class is meeting in two years because they are all turning 80!  They are just happy to be with each other.

This week’s challenge:  How can you begin to simplify your life to be with the ones you love?


Downsizing my Life – Fulfilling your purpose

In my quest to downsize my life I now wake up every morning wondering what can I live without in order to live a life a love.

In “Becoming Minimalist” latest newsletter he talks about Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up” when she talks about “Does it spark joy?”.   If it does keep it and if not let it go.  As I declutter I do look around my room and wonder does this stuff having any meaning to me?  Do I want to see this in my new place or did I even realize I still had this beloved object?  He points to the one of every 11 Americans households rents off-site storage.  It’s now an 8 Billion industry.  His point was when you look at an object ask the question – “Does it help me fulfill a greater purpose with my life?”. Rather then does it bring me joy.

Having been a Life Coach for over 20 years when my clients really get to the core of what’s important to them it means letting go of the old ideas and focusing on what’s most important in their life.   They discover their purpose to create a world they love with a lot less stuff to distract them from what truly important in their life now.

So this week’s challenge:  As I declutter my world does it help me fulfill a greater purpose for my life? And as you add more space in your mind what do you want to create now?


Downsizing my Life – Letting go of the old – accepting the new

I’ve lived my beautiful home for 12 years and the wear and tear of the years have shown itself when I decided to let go of the old tired look and refresh the house with a new coat of paint.

And adding two yards of mulch to refresh the flower beds added a new dimension as well.

Letting go of the old and accepting the new is a mysterious path that presents itself when we least expect it.  My grand plans have a design and sometimes the Universe has a higher calling to go where I am needed to contribute in the world.

So for now I am letting go and letting the Universe bring to me that which is mine to do.
I still have my hopes and dreams and I’m willing to accept something even better.

What’s yours to do?
What do you need to let go of?
What is yours to accept?

May it be smooth and easy…
May it be thriving, not surviving,
May it be FUN!

Stay tuned for the good news.


Downsizing my Life – “What’s my new career?”

As I begin to look at my career I’ve had creative and eclectic career serving in many capacities from ministry to nonprofit management to professional organizing and life coaching.  They say you should choose something that you are good at and can do easily.  I say choose something that brings you joy and purpose.
While I’m good at professional organizing it’s not my passion to declutter everyone’s stuff.  My true passion is to serve in a diverse environment supporting others in thriving in life.  In my twenty years as a life coach I have been blessed to watch people transform their lives by choosing what they dream about and how they want to contribute.  I want that too.
So here’s the beginning of my plan:
1.  Declutter my career – Get down to the one position that will bring me joy and purpose.  For me that is community service.  I thrive in a diverse environment and being with people of many races and cultures.  It’s a rich environment with many perspectives.
2.  Updated my LinkedIn profile to reflect the vast nature of my career.  –  That was a wonderful walk through my career to find my true passion.  And it helped that I had a friend who is a recruiter give me feedback on my profile for maximum impact.
3.  Let my network know what I’m looking for and seek their support and connections.  I must admit I do not take advantage of this as much as I could especially moving to a new city.  I will commit here to reach out more to my network for better results.
4.  Be Open to new possibilities.  While community service is my passion I’m open to the Universe providing the how and what’s possible for a new career possibility as long as it brings me joy and I’m thriving and not just surviving.

What’s your passion for your career?  Is it time for you to declutter your career and start something new?  What is that?  Are you open to new possibilities you haven’t thought of yet?


Downsizing My Life – Where do I move to next?

It’s interesting how when I began to look at downsizing it’s an inevitable time to start looking at what’s next for my life as my child is grown and I have choices and freedoms to choose a new life.  I’m finding it’s less important to have a big house and lots of stuff.  There is a sense of freedom in releasing my stuff so I can enjoy “moments” in life more then the stuff I have to dust and take care of.  And is this stuff important to keep for my son?  Nope.  It’s means something to me.  It means nothing to him.  So I’m going to keep the most important stuff and release the rest.

Considering moving to Los Angeles, California to be closer to my son – I met with my fabulous realtor and she suggested I try out Los Angeles for a year before deciding to move there permanently.  So I’m preparing to rent my home.  Her recommendations:

1.  Paint the outside of the house.
2.  Clean the roof
3.  Landscape the yard.

All of those things are in process and it feels good.  My house is feeling alive and the energy is moving me toward my goal.  Just giving myself a goal of a possibility of moving somewhere is motivating me to release stuff I wouldn’t take with me when I move.

As a professional organizer I get rid of stuff all the time so I decided to skip a garage sale and instead start taking loads to Goodwill and put big things up on “Offer Up or Let it Go”.  I do it in layers.  I released the first layer of obvious stuff:
Kitchen– good bye mismatched dishes, and appliances I never used like a waffle maker I’ve used twice.  I even made waffles one time to make sure I wanted to release it.  Yep!  Living room –  good bye old stereo with a faulty volume knob and large speakers,
Garage-  Old paint, too many tools, and I haven’t started on the what’s up in the rafters yet.  The dreaded memorabilia…. More on that later.
Office – Books and paperwork.  I’m releasing my big desk and filing cabinet.  More work to sort through 20 years of my business.  I took the books to Half Price Books to get a few dollars for them and bought an organizing journal called, “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place” complete with pockets and inspirational sayings:  And we’ll let Walt Disney have the final word here:

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.  Walt Disney

Next step:  What’s my new job?  How do I want to contribute now at this stage of my career?



Downsizing my Life – Where do I START??

I realized the other day that I am moving into the last third of my life and I need a new game plan.  If I wanted to move tomorrow I have TOO MUCH STUFF!!  So, as a professional organizer it was time to take my own advice and start to downsize my life from my four bedroom home into a smaller footprint with much less stuff.  And for me I was totally energized to start getting rid of my stuff.  Here’s my initial plan:

  1. Meet with my financial planner and figure when I’m going to retire. What are the assets do I have to work with when I retire.  How can I make my money work for me?
  2. Meet with my real estate agent and see if its a good time sell,  You know the market is red hot right now.
  3. Start getting rid of stuff.  Get some moving boxes and paper.   Set a date for a garage sale.
  4. Game plan:  Spend 10 minutes a day and clear something — my shoe rack, my dishes, my spice rack.  Let me stop there.  I packed up a box a dishes I haven’t used in years and I pulled out my beautiful china I use twice a year and started using that as my everyday.  Novel idea!  Somebody said, “what if you break something?” So what?  I break it or I watch it gather dust….
  5. Spice rack – Have you looked at your spice expiration dates lately?  I had baking soda from 2007.  You know the big one you buy from Costco that I’m never going to finish.
  6. Knick knacks:  I’m planning a Releasing party just before my garage sale to giveaway some of my precious treasures to people I love.  If no one wants them in the garage sale they go.Next Step: Do I sell or rent my home?  And what do I need to do to be ready?