MaSanda 2015 200x300My mission:   To support people in simplifying their lives by clearing their clutter and creating a life they love.  I do this by working with clients to clear a path and create space for what possible for their their life now.  I have been a Life Coach and Professional Organizer and have facilitated support groups and retreats for over twenty years.

Let’s get started in getting you organized and release your mind of the clutter that keeps in stuck in life and not able to move forward.

Now is the time to live!  In the present moment.  That’s all you’ve got.

Call me today to set up a time to get organized.

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“Working with MaSanda is an inspirational, life-changing process. She is warm and approachable, yet holds you accountable for personal results and makes sure you are asking the hard questions.In other words, with MaSanda’s help I now have a strong foundation laid to begin the work of moving my life in a positive direction.  I highly recommend her services.”   Sandra W., Edmonds, WA

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend MaSanda and her unique talent. I’ve known MaSanda for over 30 years and she has always possessed the unique gift of being a compassionate listener.  Over the years that listening has grown to become a deep understanding of what’s “not being said” and the discovery reveals an authentic truth for her colleague, client or friend.”   Diana C., Kirkland, WA