I realized the other day that I am moving into the last third of my life and I need a new game plan.  If I wanted to move tomorrow I have TOO MUCH STUFF!!  So, as a professional organizer it was time to take my own advice and start to downsize my life from my four bedroom home into a smaller footprint with much less stuff.  And for me I was totally energized to start getting rid of my stuff.  Here’s my initial plan:

  1. Meet with my financial planner and figure when I’m going to retire. What are the assets do I have to work with when I retire.  How can I make my money work for me?
  2. Meet with my real estate agent and see if its a good time sell,  You know the market is red hot right now.
  3. Start getting rid of stuff.  Get some moving boxes and paper.   Set a date for a garage sale.
  4. Game plan:  Spend 10 minutes a day and clear something — my shoe rack, my dishes, my spice rack.  Let me stop there.  I packed up a box a dishes I haven’t used in years and I pulled out my beautiful china I use twice a year and started using that as my everyday.  Novel idea!  Somebody said, “what if you break something?” So what?  I break it or I watch it gather dust….
  5. Spice rack – Have you looked at your spice expiration dates lately?  I had baking soda from 2007.  You know the big one you buy from Costco that I’m never going to finish.
  6. Knick knacks:  I’m planning a Releasing party just before my garage sale to giveaway some of my precious treasures to people I love.  If no one wants them in the garage sale they go.

    Next Step: Do I sell or rent my home?  And what do I need to do to be ready?