It’s interesting how when I began to look at downsizing it’s an inevitable time to start looking at what’s next for my life as my child is grown and I have choices and freedoms to choose a new life.  I’m finding it’s less important to have a big house and lots of stuff.  There is a sense of freedom in releasing my stuff so I can enjoy “moments” in life more then the stuff I have to dust and take care of.  And is this stuff important to keep for my son?  Nope.  It’s means something to me.  It means nothing to him.  So I’m going to keep the most important stuff and release the rest.

Considering moving to Los Angeles, California to be closer to my son – I met with my fabulous realtor and she suggested I try out Los Angeles for a year before deciding to move there permanently.  So I’m preparing to rent my home.  Her recommendations:

1.  Paint the outside of the house.
2.  Clean the roof
3.  Landscape the yard.

All of those things are in process and it feels good.  My house is feeling alive and the energy is moving me toward my goal.  Just giving myself a goal of a possibility of moving somewhere is motivating me to release stuff I wouldn’t take with me when I move.

As a professional organizer I get rid of stuff all the time so I decided to skip a garage sale and instead start taking loads to Goodwill and put big things up on “Offer Up or Let it Go”.  I do it in layers.  I released the first layer of obvious stuff:
Kitchen– good bye mismatched dishes, and appliances I never used like a waffle maker I’ve used twice.  I even made waffles one time to make sure I wanted to release it.  Yep!  Living room –  good bye old stereo with a faulty volume knob and large speakers,
Garage-  Old paint, too many tools, and I haven’t started on the what’s up in the rafters yet.  The dreaded memorabilia…. More on that later.
Office – Books and paperwork.  I’m releasing my big desk and filing cabinet.  More work to sort through 20 years of my business.  I took the books to Half Price Books to get a few dollars for them and bought an organizing journal called, “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place” complete with pockets and inspirational sayings:  And we’ll let Walt Disney have the final word here:

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.  Walt Disney

Next step:  What’s my new job?  How do I want to contribute now at this stage of my career?