As I begin to look at my career I’ve had creative and eclectic career serving in many capacities from ministry to nonprofit management to professional organizing and life coaching.  They say you should choose something that you are good at and can do easily.  I say choose something that brings you joy and purpose.
While I’m good at professional organizing it’s not my passion to declutter everyone’s stuff.  My true passion is to serve in a diverse environment supporting others in thriving in life.  In my twenty years as a life coach I have been blessed to watch people transform their lives by choosing what they dream about and how they want to contribute.  I want that too.
So here’s the beginning of my plan:
1.  Declutter my career – Get down to the one position that will bring me joy and purpose.  For me that is community service.  I thrive in a diverse environment and being with people of many races and cultures.  It’s a rich environment with many perspectives.
2.  Updated my LinkedIn profile to reflect the vast nature of my career.  –  That was a wonderful walk through my career to find my true passion.  And it helped that I had a friend who is a recruiter give me feedback on my profile for maximum impact.
3.  Let my network know what I’m looking for and seek their support and connections.  I must admit I do not take advantage of this as much as I could especially moving to a new city.  I will commit here to reach out more to my network for better results.
4.  Be Open to new possibilities.  While community service is my passion I’m open to the Universe providing the how and what’s possible for a new career possibility as long as it brings me joy and I’m thriving and not just surviving.

What’s your passion for your career?  Is it time for you to declutter your career and start something new?  What is that?  Are you open to new possibilities you haven’t thought of yet?