I had the pleasure of accompanying my mom to her 60th High School reunion over the weekend.  What a delightful group of people!  As I listened to their stories having graduated in 1957 it was a much simpler time.  Most of them were farm kids and had to get home after school to get their chores done.  One gentleman had one pair of shoes he’d wash and put on the oil furnace register to dry by the morning.  A movie was 15 cents.  Spending hours playing in the barn was a highlight for these youngsters.  Their life was SIMPLE and FUN!
My 40th High School reunion is this weekend and what I really learned from Mom’s class is that simple can be better than to hurry up and go world we live in today.   When I was a kid we played hide and go seek, red light, green light and played in the woods for hours.  We rode our bikes everywhere – like 7-11 to get bags of candy!
And I begin to simplify my life now I wonder how I can get back to a simpler time?  Is it possible?  Mom’s class is meeting in two years because they are all turning 80!  They are just happy to be with each other.

This week’s challenge:  How can you begin to simplify your life to be with the ones you love?