I’ve lived my beautiful home for 12 years and the wear and tear of the years have shown itself when I decided to let go of the old tired look and refresh the house with a new coat of paint.

And adding two yards of mulch to refresh the flower beds added a new dimension as well.

Letting go of the old and accepting the new is a mysterious path that presents itself when we least expect it.  My grand plans have a design and sometimes the Universe has a higher calling to go where I am needed to contribute in the world.

So for now I am letting go and letting the Universe bring to me that which is mine to do.
I still have my hopes and dreams and I’m willing to accept something even better.

What’s yours to do?
What do you need to let go of?
What is yours to accept?

May it be smooth and easy…
May it be thriving, not surviving,
May it be FUN!

Stay tuned for the good news.