How many plates, bowls, glasses and serving bowls does one person need? It depends on how much you entertain. I don’t entertain very often so when I went through my inventory of dishes and serving bowls I had an abundant supply of stuff I didn’t need. Mismatched and gathering dust.
Here’s the key – What do I find myself using all the time? What do I use when I entertain? For example: Even if I don’t entertain all the time I know I will need a good sized platter for turkey or appetizers when I do choose to entertain.
And do I need all of those sets of wine glasses, martini glasses etc. or would a few glasses do when company does come over? I kept a set of wine glasses and two martini glasses.
My purpose is to downsize and free up space in my mind and environment to lift the load of too much stuff.
Challenge today: Sort out all of the mismatched dishes and serving bowls and get down to what you really use. And donate the rest!
P.S. There are women shelters who would love your extra dishes to set up their homes. Donate today! Ready go!

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