Declutter2018- 30 day challenge – transition box

Declutter2018- 30 day challenge: Transition box – Today I would like you to create a transition box. It’s the stuff you are not sure you are ready to let go of yet. It goes in the transition box and mark your calendar for 2 weeks to go back and check and see if you are ready to let it go. It’s amazing how your attachment can change in two weeks or you are clear you are keeping the item. Ready go!


Decluttering2018 – 30 day challenge – Sorting shoes

Decluttering2018 – 30 day challenge: Sorting shoes: Divide by dress, sandals, boots and athletic shoes. This week wear the shoes you are not sure about keeping and donate them if they are uncomfortable. And throw out the worn out ones. Ready go!


Declutter2018 – 30 day challenge – Clean frig

Decluttering2018 – 30 day challenge: Today is the day to clean out the frig. Read labels and get rid of expired condiments, leftovers older then 3 days and old produce. And then wipe down the shelves and ENJOY! Ready go!


Declutter2018 – 30 day challenge – donations

Decluttering2018 – 30 day challenge: Okay we are almost halfway through the 30 day challenge it’s time to take your stuff to a donation station if you haven’t already. If time is an issue stick your stuff in the car. You never know when you will be driving by a donation station and you can drop by and let it go!


Declutter2018 – 30 day challenge – Bathroom

Decluttering 2018 – 30 day challenge: Lotions and Potions – Underneath the bathroom sink/medicine cabinet. Check for old prescriptions, half used lotions, ointments, old make-up and other remedies you have used in the past that are outdated and ready to be tossed. Ready go!


Declutter2018 – 30 day challenge

Declutter2018 – 30 day challenge: Today’s challenge is FOCUS! When I’m busy organizing and I get distracted by other things to organize I lose track of what I was organizing in the first place. How are you doing staying focused on the task at hand?


Declutter2018-30 day challenge – dishes

How many plates, bowls, glasses and serving bowls does one person need? It depends on how much you entertain. I don’t entertain very often so when I went through my inventory of dishes and serving bowls I had an abundant supply of stuff I didn’t need. Mismatched and gathering dust.
Here’s the key – What do I find myself using all the time? What do I use when I entertain? For example: Even if I don’t entertain all the time I know I will need a good sized platter for turkey or appetizers when I do choose to entertain.
And do I need all of those sets of wine glasses, martini glasses etc. or would a few glasses do when company does come over? I kept a set of wine glasses and two martini glasses.
My purpose is to downsize and free up space in my mind and environment to lift the load of too much stuff.
Challenge today: Sort out all of the mismatched dishes and serving bowls and get down to what you really use. And donate the rest!
P.S. There are women shelters who would love your extra dishes to set up their homes. Donate today! Ready go!


Downsizing my Life – Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

I had the pleasure of accompanying my mom to her 60th High School reunion over the weekend.  What a delightful group of people!  As I listened to their stories having graduated in 1957 it was a much simpler time.  Most of them were farm kids and had to get home after school to get their chores done.  One gentleman had one pair of shoes he’d wash and put on the oil furnace register to dry by the morning.  A movie was 15 cents.  Spending hours playing in the barn was a highlight for these youngsters.  Their life was SIMPLE and FUN!
My 40th High School reunion is this weekend and what I really learned from Mom’s class is that simple can be better than to hurry up and go world we live in today.   When I was a kid we played hide and go seek, red light, green light and played in the woods for hours.  We rode our bikes everywhere – like 7-11 to get bags of candy!
And I begin to simplify my life now I wonder how I can get back to a simpler time?  Is it possible?  Mom’s class is meeting in two years because they are all turning 80!  They are just happy to be with each other.

This week’s challenge:  How can you begin to simplify your life to be with the ones you love?


Downsizing my Life – Fulfilling your purpose

In my quest to downsize my life I now wake up every morning wondering what can I live without in order to live a life a love.

In “Becoming Minimalist” latest newsletter he talks about Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up” when she talks about “Does it spark joy?”.   If it does keep it and if not let it go.  As I declutter I do look around my room and wonder does this stuff having any meaning to me?  Do I want to see this in my new place or did I even realize I still had this beloved object?  He points to the one of every 11 Americans households rents off-site storage.  It’s now an 8 Billion industry.  His point was when you look at an object ask the question – “Does it help me fulfill a greater purpose with my life?”. Rather then does it bring me joy.

Having been a Life Coach for over 20 years when my clients really get to the core of what’s important to them it means letting go of the old ideas and focusing on what’s most important in their life.   They discover their purpose to create a world they love with a lot less stuff to distract them from what truly important in their life now.

So this week’s challenge:  As I declutter my world does it help me fulfill a greater purpose for my life? And as you add more space in your mind what do you want to create now?


Downsizing my Life – Letting go of the old – accepting the new

I’ve lived my beautiful home for 12 years and the wear and tear of the years have shown itself when I decided to let go of the old tired look and refresh the house with a new coat of paint.

And adding two yards of mulch to refresh the flower beds added a new dimension as well.

Letting go of the old and accepting the new is a mysterious path that presents itself when we least expect it.  My grand plans have a design and sometimes the Universe has a higher calling to go where I am needed to contribute in the world.

So for now I am letting go and letting the Universe bring to me that which is mine to do.
I still have my hopes and dreams and I’m willing to accept something even better.

What’s yours to do?
What do you need to let go of?
What is yours to accept?

May it be smooth and easy…
May it be thriving, not surviving,
May it be FUN!

Stay tuned for the good news.